He’s back!

Big Tex was officially unveiled at the State Fair of Texas on Thursday. Just one year ago, the world-famous icon, which had welcomed guests to the fair since 1952, burned due to an electrical problem.

Big Tex burns in 2012
Wiki Commons

The new Big Tex stands 55 feet tall, three feet taller than his predecessor. The new Tex, describe as an engineering marvel, has been a closely guarded secret in Boerne, the small, Hill Country town where he was constructed, piece by piece.

Unlike the Old Tex, New Tex won’t have exposed guy wires to support his massive frame. The self-supporting structure can withstand hurricane force winds. Fair officials also chose a new voice from more than 100 men who auditioned for the ‘role’ of Tex. That person’s name will remain a guarded secret. And an added safety feature of the new Big Tex - a fire suppression system.Hopefully, Tex will now stand tall to welcome visitors from across the globe to The State Fair of Texas for many, many years to come.

The State Fair of Texas will be open to the public September 27 - October 20.