Mailman/Superhero/Volunteer Firefighter, this guy is truly one of a kind. 

Steve Shipman was on his normal route this past February in Vinita, Oklahoma. While walking around he noticed a house on fire, he promptly called 9-1-1 and went over to see if anyone was in the residence. A neighbor came over to help as well, when they both heard a scream coming from inside the house.

They found a 2x4 to break the window so that they could climb in and rescue the 11-year-old girl. After rescuing the girl, Steve went onto deliver the rest of the mail on his route. If it was me, I would be calling it a day. Steve actually didn't tell anyone, but did make the front page of the local paper.

Steve is now being recognized nationally by the National Association of Letter Carriers representing letter carriers across the country. He was awarded the Western Region Hero award, placing him among the ranks of this year’s letter carriers who have been honored for saving people’s lives from fires, car wrecks and bullets.

Good job Steve, thanks for being the hero of that day. We need more people like you out there.