Rob Ryan just bought me a beer!... Hey, wait, I'm a Cowboys fan!


New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan was in a festive mood following a 49-17 drubbing of the Dallas Cowboys - the team that just fired him 10 months ago. Ryan reportedly stopped into NOLA favorite Ms. Mae's Uptown after the game and purchased a round for the patrons.

Rob's defense was a large part of the Saint's victory, allowing a paltry 193 yards to the Cowboy's offense. The New Orlean's offense wasn't quite as bad - racking up more than 600 total yards and an NFL record 40 first downs.

Reports from bar-goers say that Ryan dropped around $200 for the drinks and left shortly after with his wife and friends. Ryan also obliged any fan who asked for pictures with the rotund New Orleans DC. It's easy to see how cheap the bar tab was, as it appears from the photo above that Ryan only purchased Rolling Rock for the bar.

We are now awaiting word if Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will do the right thing and replace all of the drinks that Dallas fans threw at the TV screen last night.