What's the Real Story?

What’s the Real Story Behind the History of Mother’s Day?
There seems to be a holiday for every member of the family these days, but none is probably more important than Mother’s Day.
What daughter or son would dare forget the woman who gave birth to them? With that in mind, here are a few historical tidbits about the origins of Mother&Close…
The Real Story Behind Throwing Rice at Weddings
When a newly married couple exits a church, a synagogue, a courthouse or wherever they’ve just tied the knot, people often shower them with rice (not the sticky kind, of course). Most of us have seen this in the movies or in real life.
If you’re wondering how this grai…
The Real Story Behind the Merry-Go-Round
One of the first rides parents usually let kids enjoy by themselves is the gentle horse carousel, or merry-go-round. Carousels, which seem very safe and wholesome, have drawn families in for years. For many of us, they bring back fond childhood memories.
But how did they first come into our lives?

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