AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Politicians and others weighed in Monday on the news that Rick Perry, the longest-serving governor in Texas history, won't seek re-election next year.

Here's what they had to say:

  • Greg Abbott

    Texas Attorney General

    Long considered a potential Republican candidate for governor

    "It has been a tremendous honor to work alongside Governor Rick Perry to help lead the great State of Texas. As Governor, Rick Perry has fought for lower taxes, less regulation and more job creation — all of which have helped Texas claim the best business climate in the nation. Along the way, Governor Perry has kept Washington in check, working to block an intrusive federal government from meddling in our personal lives and preventing the heavy hand of government from stifling small businesses in Texas."

  • John Cornyn

    U.S. Sen. R-Texas

    "Under Governor Perry's leadership, Texas has been a shining example that less government, lower taxes and fewer regulations helps to grow jobs and move our economy forward. It's a striking contrast to the big government, big spending, liberal mindset of the current Administration."

  • Ted Cruz

    U.S. Sen. R-Texas

    "Gov. Perry led the Great State of Texas during a period that will forever be etched in history for unprecedented job creation and economic growth — his leadership has helped empower all Texans to pursue and achieve unlimited opportunity. We should all be grateful to Gov. Perry for the work he has done to keep Texas the most prosperous state in the nation."

  • David Dewhurst

    Texas Lt. Gov

    "It has been an honor to work with my friend, Governor Rick Perry, in creating the most conservative state in America. In his final 18 months as Governor we will continue to work closely together to make Texas even stronger. His legacy of principled, conservative leadership will have a lasting impact on the Lone Star State, protecting freedom and expanding opportunity for all."

  • Todd Staples

    Texas Agriculture Commissioner

    Republican running for lieutenant governor in 2014

    "I have fought on the front lines with Governor Perry to help create jobs, cut taxes, and stop federal overreach. If Texas is to remain the envy of the nation, we need strong conservative leaders like him in the future that will fight back against Obama and his liberal allies in Texas."

  • Tom Pauken

    Former Texas Workforce Commission chairman seeking Republican nomination for governor in 2014

    "I wish the best of luck to Rick for his future endeavors. He has made a significant contribution to Texas history and will not soon be forgotten. My opponent most likely will be Greg Abbott. He represents an Austin that has grown stale with insiders inheriting promotions whose primary allegiance is to those who write the big checks. Every day Texans feel they don't have a voice anymore and that the insiders are running the show."

  • Mike Villarreal

    Texas Rep. D-San Antonio

    "I usually disagree with the Governor several times per day, but I appreciate his love of Texas and wish him the best of luck. Unfortunately, his legacy will be one of cutting education funding, pushing more testing into our classrooms, and promoting issues that divide Texans rather than bringing us together."

  • Jenn Brown

    Executive director of left-leaning group Battleground Texas

    "After twelve years of failed policies and divisive rhetoric, it's welcome news that Governor Perry announced he will not run for re-election. It's time for a new era in the Lone Star State — Texans deserve a leader who will stand up and fight for their values."

  • Ray Sullivan

    Longtime staffer and former spokesman for Perry's failed presidential run

    "He has held the line on government. He has created an economic engine that is the envy of the nation and has really stuck to his conservative principles and been successful doing so."

  • Gilberto Hinojosa

    Texas Democratic Party chairman

    "While thousands of Texans throughout the state rally to protect women's rights and make their voices heard during the second Special Session, Perry continues to focus on his own agenda and interests. Texans know how Perry has failed as a leader. After his three terms as governor, one out of four Texans still lack health insurance, and our public education system has been gutted."