After numerous complaints from neighbors, the 1.6-acre town Bikini, TX has reverted back to its old name, Bankersmith.

Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill owner Doug Guller bought the ghost town in Kendall County in 2012, renaming the town "Bikini", intending the town to be a tourist attraction tie in for his self-described “breastaurant” chain, where waitresses are required to wear bikini tops.  The Grand Opening celebration drew a capacity crowd and featured 'Baywatch' star Carmen Electra, on-hand to be inducted into the Bikini Hall of Fame.  However, the party drew a multitude of complaints from neighbors, who went as far as taking pictures of the license plates of those in attendance.

In an attempt to ease tensions with neighbors, Guller decided to revert the town back to its name when he purchased it, saying,

We want a long-term relationship with Fredericksburg,  After working with the community for over two years, we feel changing the name was necessary and want to take it back to its grassroots.

We’re really excited to reveal Bankersmith – and everything it has to offer – to the surrounding community.  Bankersmith has evolved into the perfect destination for day trips, weddings and so much more.

Since purchasing the town, Guller has invested a lot of money in building up the once-desolate area, such as the creation of Bakersmith Hall, accommodating up to 600 people for events and featuring a full bar and high-end sound and lighting systems.

via The Statesman