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When I was in grade school I would get so mad to see “Back To School” posters hanging from the ceilings in stores by mid July. However, the cute folders with puppies and kittens on them did help ease the nauseous feeling of summer coming to an end. I've looked around Wichita Falls and I've found the five best places to fulfill your “Back to School” needs. Whether it be cheap school supplies, less people around school supplies, celebrity preferred school supplies, cute school supplies or long term school supplies.


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Walmart – Cheap School Supplies



I'm curious to know how many “duhs” I received on naming Walmart for cheap prices. So far Walmart is the cheapest place for school supplies I have found. But beware of the long lines and huge crowds you have to fight to save yourself an extra 30 cents a folder. Don't procrastinate if you plan to shop at Walmart, you will regret it!


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Walgreens – Less People Around School Supplies



Sometimes it's just not worth it to fight the crowds for school supplies. So I go to Walgreens. They rarely have large crowds and they have all the essentials. Spending an extra dollar or so could be worth the time you save.


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Office Depot – Celebrity Preferred School Supplies



Celebrity Miley Cyrus shops at Office Depot for school supplies. So if you choose to go to Office Depot for your school supplies needs, just know your school supplies is good and celebrity preferred.


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Target – Cute School Supplies



You can always depend on Target to help you get away from those plain yellow and blue spirals and folders. Target has cute designs that aren't so “main stream,” like retro spirals and Ugly Dolls (they're so ugly that they're cute)!


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Best Buy – Long Term School Supplies



Best Buy sells great computers and technology that will help you with school and save you money. Believe me, I used to work there. Nowadays, they're some schools that are using computers for school supplies to help save resources and money in the long run. So save a tree and buy a lapto…you can Facebook during class!