Most criminals would think that the chase is over after they end up in handcuffs in the back of a police car. Not this Kansas City woman, though. Police say that a woman who was being transported in the back of a cruiser ended up stealing the car, crashing it, and then taking off on foot before being caught again.

According to KCTV 5, the woman complained about feeling sick while in the back of the car. The officer stopped and went to the trunk to get a motion sickness bag and that was when the woman got into the front seat and took off in the car.

She eventually got out of the cuffs, but ended up wrecking the car. She then got out and ran and ended up at the home of a Kansas City resident. Police found the crash and used dogs and witnesses to find the woman sitting on the porch.

After being put in the back seat of a different police car, she again complained about feeling sick. This time, they took her to a hospital instead of stopping.