Looking for a new career? This couple is giving away their goat farm to one lucky essay writer. That's right, a 20 acre goat farm with an establish cheese making business could be yours, debt free, if you've got the right writing skills!

Leslie and Paul Spell of Elkmont, Arkansas decided to sell Humble Heart Farms recently so that they could move to Costa Rica to help missionaries start goat farms. According to WAAY TV, They tried selling their farm the traditional way but found that most people interested in the purchase couldn't afford the $350,000 price tag.

That's when they had a different idea. They are hoping that at least 2,500 people will submit an essay about why they would treat the farm right (along with a $150 submission fee.) This will cover all of the outstanding debt the farm currently has. The winner will receive a debt free house and farm on 20 acres, dairy and cheese making building with animals and equipment along with recipes and training.  The winner will also receive $20,000 in operating expenses.

The couple hopes to announce the winner on October 15th. If you want to try your writing skills in the essay contest, complete rules and submission guidlines can be found at GoatDairyEssay.com.