Ever heard of the 9pm Routine? 

Even though it’s been around for a while, I only recently heard of it. Like, today. So, I figured I would share the routine with others who may have not heard of it. 

The 9pm Routine is a simple, but effective way to protect your home and your property.

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Here’s how it works. Take the following steps at 9:00pm each night: 

Lock Up 

Take a few minutes to lock your car, house, windows, garage, gate, and shed. 

Turn On 

Ensure your alarm system, security camera, and exterior lights. 

Bring In 

Gather all valuables from your vehicle, yard, and patio and bring them inside your home. 

The Wichita Falls Police Department recommends you set a reminder on your phone or other digital device such as a smart speaker or tablet each night to ensure you complete the 9pm routine each day. 

While no crime prevention routine is foolproof, taking a few minutes to complete each of the steps will reduce the likelihood that you will fall victim to property crimes.

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