Never mind with the calendar says; summer has arrived in Texoma.

If you’ve lived here for very long, you already know that the current summer heat is just typical for us. But if you’re new to North Texas and Southern Oklahoma, this may tough to deal with, at least for a short while.

It's easy to overdo it in this heat. I know first hand what can happen. At 18, while digging fence post holes the old fashioned way, I became severely dehydrated. The result was a few days in the hospital. It was not a pleasant time.

You can work and play in the heat without hurting yourself. Here are some tips to follow and a link to a great deal of information from The Mayo Clinic, too.

  • Drink plenty of water. You want to avoid soda or alcohol. Plain, cool water is the way to go.
  • Avoid the midday sun, if you can. 11 am to 5 pm can be the roughest time of day in the Texoma sun, when temps will quickly rise into the 90’s and above and the heat index can soar to over 100 easily.
  • Wear sunscreen. Maybe it goes without saying, but sunburn is not only painful but potentially dangerous.
  • Light, loose-fitting clothing will help your sweat to evaporate and keeps you cooler. Wear lighter colors, as dark colors absorb heat. A wide-brimmed hat is a good idea, too.
  • Know your physical limits. Various health conditions can drastically affect how your body reacts to the extreme heat. Consult your doctor before engaging in outdoor work or exercise.
  • If you stop sweating, seek medical attention immediately. You could be suffering a heat stroke

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