Due to Covid closing schools, universities put a new policy in place saying that not having a SAT or ACT score would not affect new student applications. Well it looks like that policy is staying in effect.

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All my life I was told how important the SAT was. Then right when it's my turn to take it, they totally flip the script on it. 2006 SUCKED if you were a student taking this test, you were the guinea pigs because no one had taken one like this before. So you didn't know what to expect. 1,600 was the best score before 2006, then BAM 2,400 is the new high.


I remember at my school, they had a breakdown of your GPA and then what score you needed to get on the SAT to get into college. A great SAT score could help a subpar GPA. Now it looks like these standardized tests are not that important. Many Texas universities are keeping their Covid policy in place. A missing SAT or ACT score won't hurt you. It can help of course, but your application won't get thrown out for not taking it.

University of Texas at Austin has extended the policy through Fall of 2022.

Texas A&M has extended the policy through Spring of 2023.

Texas Tech University has extended the policy through 2025.

Baylor University has extended the policy through fall of 2023.

Rice University has extended the policy through fall of 2023.

I would contact the university you're thinking of applying to if you're a student going to college in the next few years. I hated taking the SAT and I love what some colleges do instead. Texas Southern only requires one if your GPA is below 2.5. We will see what the plan is moving forward for these schools, but nothing I hated more in school than standardized testing day. I hope they're gone for good.

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