A man in the UK who was upset with his accountant chose a rather unusual way to express his irritation: he paid off his $1,200 bill for services rendered in coins. But the accountant got the last laugh by taking his client to court.

Robert Fitzpatrick apparently didn’t like the job done by Philip Lawrence’s firm, so he dumped five crates of coins on Lawrence’s front lawn. And while the amount he owed was technically paid in full, it violated a local law stating coins can’t be used for large payments — so Lawrence sued.

“Incredulous is really the only word,” Lawrence said of the weighty payment method. “I was not at home when the boxes were delivered and did not sign for them. My partner phoned me to ask if I was expecting a delivery and when I told her that I wasn’t, she opened the boxes only to find all these coins.”

Lawrence sued for the original amount owed plus another $500 for the daily cost of storing all that metal. He prevailed in court, but didn’t get the storage fees. He said once he’s paid, he’ll return the coins to his former client.

Fitzpatrick is fine with the ruling, saying, “Of course it’s unusual but it depends how annoyed you are with someone. I’m not bothered. Mr. Lawrence had sought more but didn’t get it.”

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