To all the thrill seekers in Texas, time to plan a road trip!

So I have seen something like this before in Tennessee and it seems like someone FINALLY built one in Texas. I am talking about an alpine coaster. Basically you go to the top of this thing and a track guides your cart through the course. After a quick search online, nowhere else in Texas has one of these things.

Well, a place called Spider Mountain claims to have one. However, if you look at the video above. It is basically just a ski lift for bikes (WHICH IS ALSO AWESOME BY THE WAY).

Actual Texas Alpine Coaster at Camp FIMFO

^Yeah, this is what we're looking for. Camp FIMFO which stands for Fun Is More Fun Outside, is just outside of San Antonio in the Texas Hill Country. The driver for the video above claims they did not use the hand brakes on the side of the cart. So this is the ride at full speed, which they claim hits 25 MPH. It's a mile long course which takes about 8 to 9 minutes to complete based on how fast you go.

Camp FIMFO has the Cliff Carver open on weekends (Friday through Sunday) from noon until 6PM. It costs $20 for single riders and $35 if you want to ride as a pair. If you're interested in taking it for a ride, you can get some more info here. They also have cabins you can rent, a water park, and a zip line.

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