Alheimer's Disease is a medical mystery for the most part.  It has personally affected my own family.  My grandmother died with it over 20 years ago.  And two of my aunts have died suffering the debilitating effects of Alzheimer's as well.  I've seen first hand what it does to the individual and to the family.   It isn't pretty.  It can turn it's victims into near-vegatables.   Country music legend Glen Campbell has revealed to People magazine that he is suffering from the disease.  Glen has battled his share of demons.  But it's fair to say that none of them are a patch to what he may face in the coming five to ten years of his life.  That's the real hell of this monster.  It doesn't take you quickly.  It's effects creep up slowly and bit by bit, you feel yourself slip away.  It's sad to see it happen to anyone, family or otherwise.  The very first piece of recorded music I ever had of my very own was a 45 RPM single of Campbell's "Rhinestone Cowboy".  It was 1975 and "Rhinestone Cowboy" was the biggest song on radio.  I still have that record.  It's hard to believe that the voice on it may soon be silenced by a demon no one can cure, at least not yet.  Here's more from CMT

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