Archer City ISD superintendent C.D. Knobloch has issued an apology to Fort Hancock after Archer City students chanted "Build a wall!" during a volleyball game on Friday.

Archer City was taking on Fort Hancock, located on the Texas-Mexico border, during the regional volleyball tournament in Snyder. Photos and videos of the game were posted to social media showing Archer City students holding up Trump/Pence campaign signs, chanting "Build a wall!", and holding a flag with "Come and take it!", referencing the Battle of Gonzales, the first battle in the Texas revolution against Mexico.

After being made aware of the chants and signs at the game, superintendent Knobloch reached out to Fort Hancock officials to apologize, issuing an official statement later, posted by Times Record News,

Archer City played Fort Hancock in a Regional Volleyball match on Friday, in Snyder. We were made aware by social media that our student fan group changed "build a wall". We believe the comment was made and we have taken action to prevent any future occurrence. We have been in contact with Fort Hancock administration and have made apologies. They are receptive to our apologies. Comments such as this are not representative of our school and community. This type of comment is extremely unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Knobloch's apology coincides with president-elect Trump, whose campaign signs were used by the heckling students, calling for supporters to stop harassing minorities in the wake of his election. Knobloch refused to comment on the punishment details of the involved students due to privacy laws.