Hot on the heels of the news that the Wichita Falls Art Association will be hosting the National Finals for Art Battle International next spring comes this weekend's City Finals.

Twelve of Wichita Falls' best artists will compete across three fast-paced rounds this Saturday evening (11.09.19) at The Warehouse on Lamar. While these artists are on the stage in the center of the room the audience circles them, watching the paintings develop over the course of 20 minutes. Pay attention! Some of these artists will wait until the very last minute to add a completely unexpected touch and radically change the context of the painting! Once the paintings are completed the audience votes on their favorite to advance on to the next round.

Dave Diamond

This Saturday's event will feature the top vote getters from the previous two Wichita Falls events, Jesse Baggett and Lou Bagget (pictured), along with Martina Maria Bafile, Joshua Levi Mindemann, Mark McDowell, Chris Ross, Gary Kingcade, Bill Whitley, Kelsie Judd, Pluto Patricius, Maniqua Smythers, and Katy Cain.

The winner at this weekend's Art Battle will move on to the Art Battle Regional competition to determine who will compete in the National Finals next April.

Special guest at this event will be Art Battle International Co-Founder, Simon Plashkes, who will have more information on next year's National Championship event in Wichita Falls.

Dave Diamond

Art Battle events have been sharing live painting competitions and incredible artistic performances with enthusiastic audiences since 2001 and Wichita Falls is just one of more than 100 cities on six continents with tens of thousands of competitors turning blank canvases into works of art.

The Art Battle Wichita Falls City Finals take place this Saturday evening at The Warehouse at 1401 Lamar, the doors open at 5:00 and the painting begins at 6:00 p.m. Tickets are $20 and are available at the door, at or on Eventbrite.