The man had been missing for several months and evidence suggested the dogs on his property were the ones responsible.

Over in Venus, Texas, police had been looking for 57-year-old Freddie Mack since May. The family of Mack said they hadn't heard from him since mid-April. Police and family tried to investigate the property, but the eighteen dogs on the property were quite aggressive. Several officers kept the dogs distracted while people searched the property for evidence.

After several searches of the property, officers found bones in the dog's feces. Those bones were sent off for DNA testing, which came back positive for Freddie Mack. Clothing matching Freddies was also found in the dogs fecal matter. Freddie Mack did have some serious health problems. It's unclear if he died on the property and then the dogs ate him or if the dogs attacked him while still alive. Either situation is a pretty gruesome story.

Of the eighteen dogs, two were killed by other dogs, thirteen were euthanized due to their aggressive behavior, and another three were fit for adoption. The deputy said that Mack kept his dogs well fed and cared for. The only other time the deputies had dealt with him was in 2017, when Mack called from the hospital to ask if someone could check on his dogs, Deputy Aaron Pitts said. "This man loved his animals," he said.

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