Remember to choose your best man wisely! One groom learned that the hard way after his best man made a vulgar comment about a bridesmaid mid-ceremony... and it was all caught on camera.

Wedding videographer @ChiolaFilms on TikTok shared the moment where a blonde bridesmaid was seen walking down the aisle in a baby blue gown at the outdoor ceremony. The camera panned to the groom and his groomsmen.

"Zoom in on those," the best man said in reference to her cleavage. "Am I loud?"

At first, the groom chuckled to himself and smiled before he realized... they were all wearing microphones.

"Shhhh, yeah, are you f-----g dumb dude?" the groom questioned. The best man blamed the music for being loud and he couldn't tell how loud his comment was.

"You're a f-----g a-----e dude," the groom added. "We're f-----g mic'd up also," he warned him before the best man grinned and laughed. "You're an idiot," the groom concluded.

The videographer zoomed into a smiling groomsman before the video was cut.

Watch the moment play out, below.

The video has been viewed over 8.9 million times. The comments section of the video condemned the best man crude's actions, but were divided on if the groom was a gentleman or just playing it up for the camera.

"That's some Michael Scott energy," a fan of The Office wrote. While another suggested that his action was "Scott Disick energy 2000’s."

Over 80,000 people agreed with the comment that the best man "peaked in high school." Meanwhile, thousands of people also wondered what their bachelor party was like.

"My man [groom] was laughing until he remembered he was mic’d up," another added.

The one thing that the viewers agreed on is the fact that the videographer should get a raise for the iconic zoom into the best man's face at the end of the clip.

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