Ah, Black Friday – the day when people legitimately lose their minds and manners over a few good deals.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to save money as much as the next person. But I’m not ready to get pepper sprayed over a flat screen TV.

To each their own, however. For a lot of people, Black Friday gives them a chance to own something they maybe wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. Can’t blame anyone for that.

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So with that being said, I figured I would help the brave souls who venture out into the big box stores in the wee hours of the Friday after Thanksgiving by sharing a list of some of the best places to shop on Black Friday here in Wichita Falls.

The financial website WalletHub set out to determine which stores offered the largest discounts on Black Friday here in 2021. If you want to get the absolute best deals in the country, you’ll have to make the trip to Dallas/Fort Worth and visit one of the many Macy’s locations in the area.

However, JCPenney came in at second on the list. Not far behind them is Kohl’s at Number 4. Office Depot, Walmart and Big Lots all made the Top 10, as well.

Top 10 Retailers Offering the Biggest Deals for Black Friday 2021

  1. Macy’s
  2. JCPenney
  3. Belk
  4. Kohl’s
  5. Office Depot and OfficeMax
  6. Lenovo
  7. Nordstrom
  8. Walmart
  9. HP
  10. Big Lots

Honorable mentions go to Academy Sports + Outdoors, Target, Best Buy, Sam’s Club and Ace Hardware, who were also determined to be among the best places to shop on Black Friday this year.

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