To say things looked ugly in the Rangers / Blue Jays playoff game yesterday would be an understatement. Sorry in advance to the Rangers fans who are about to relive the insanity of yesterday's game.

During the seventh inning there was a questionable call that gave Texas the lead 3-2. Normally a crowd would just boo or curse at the umpires, but Toronto turned a little violent and fans started throwing beer and food onto the field.

During the uproar, a little baby was hit with some beer that was thrown by a fan from above.

In the video above, you can see a woman shielding her baby from the objects being thrown from the upper deck.

Well, good news, the baby was not hurt and police were able to track down the man responsible, Albert Grummitt , and arrested him. Grummitt was charged with mischief.

Honestly, to me, it looked like a lot more people should have been arrested at this game.