According to authorities in Montague County, a woman was attacked by a large monkey while on the back porch of her home on FM 1125 just outside of Bowie, Texas earlier this month.

Police learned of the attack when they were called to Bowie Memorial hospital on November 9 to take a report on a monkey bite. The victim, Margy Depreist, told police that she saw a two-and-a-half-feet-tall Snow Macaque monkey on her back porch and tried to scare it off.

Sheriff Paul Cunningham told TRN that Depreist heard her neighbor, Cecil Willis, calling out for the monkey after it had escaped from its cage. "Depriest called out to the owner turning her back on the monkey, which then attacked her," Cunningham said.

The monkey bit Depriest's left leg and finger as she swatted at it with a chair. Her husband also fired shots at the monkey with a pistol.

According to investigators, the Snow Macaque monkey does not fall under the "dangerous wild animals" statute and the monkey was allowed to return to its owner - who also owns five other monkeys.

Depreist was treated and released from the hospital that same day.

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