Always looking for strange Texas history and I found a good one today.

When it comes to Texas inventions. Many things get the spotlight, Dr Pepper, frozen margaritas, Fritos. One thing that many don't like to talk about apparently are breast implants.

That's Right Beast Implants Were Invented Right Here in Texas

What started out as a joke between two plastic surgeons has turned into a multi mullion dollar a year industry. Frank Gerow and Thomas Cronin in Houston, Texas were apparently joking around with a blood bag saying that it felt a lot like a woman's breast. This would lead to them toying with the idea of stuffing something into a woman's breast to make it bigger.


The First Woman To Have Breast Implants Was a Texas Housewife

In the 1960's, the two doctors were looking for patients who wanted in on the surgery, but no one really was wanting to be the test subject for the new procedure. Apparently 29-year-old Timmie Jean Lindsey would be the first woman to ever have the procedure done. She was visiting the plastic surgeons to get a chest tattoo removed and I guess the two doctors convinced her to get the silicone breast implants as well. She said she would rather they fix her ears, which they did free of charge, if she would get this new procedure done. She agreed and never told anyone about the procedure for decades.

FDA Regulations on Breast Implants

Here's something I learned today, back in the day, the FDA did not care about medical devices being placed in your body. So breast implants had no regulations. That is until 1976 when they enacted the Medical Devices Amendment to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

1977 Texas Woman Sues Over Breast Implants

Over in Cleveland, Texas a woman by the name of Norma Corley sued the manufacturer of the silicone breast implants Dow Corning. Apparently they leaked and caused severe medical problems for her. This would be the first in MANY lawsuits against the silicone breast manufacturer.

1990's Regulation Craziness

Back in 1990, Connie Chung did a story on a link between breast implants and health issues that shocked the world. This lead to many investigations from the FDA, The United States Senate, and several lawsuits for all silicone implant manufacturers in the country. PBS has a full breakdown on every lawsuit that took place over the decade. Pretty much every company that manufactured the product was under scrutiny.

HBO Made a Movie on the Two Texas Doctors

In doing research on these two guys, they actually had a movie made about them for HBO. Which does show the not glamorous side of their history in the 1990's. Like I said earlier, this is probably the reason why not a lot of people talk about this as a positive Texas invention. Either way, it is a part of our history and I thought you should know about it.

By The Way Me With Breast Implants (FOR A GOOD CAUSE)

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