Imagine having to smell this stuff, day in and day out. 

My San Antonio just compiled a list of the stinkiest towns here in Texas. Many of the towns are smelling because of the local industries in the area. Those industries bring a lot of money to those cities, but you do get some smelly side effects.

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    Hereford, Texas

    Hereford is home to a cattle processing plant. The town describes their smell as 'eye watering'.

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    Texarkana, Texas

    No one can really pinpoint what reeks in Texarkana. Many say it's the paper mill. Others say it's dead animals, garbage dumpsters, manure and dog food.

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    Amarillo, Texas

    Home to that 72 oz. steak challenge. Also several feed lots and cattle processing plants. Guess that's why they have so much steak to give away in that town.

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    Cactus, Texas

    Today I learned a town named Cactus exists. Also home to some more meat processing plants. We love our meat here in Texas.

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    Houston, Texas

    The only major Texas city on the list. Houston is home to LyondellBasell plant. They make food containers, medical syringes, carpeting, diapers, roofing materials and plastic components in vehicles. The plant gives off a lovely burning sulfur smell.

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    Pasadena, Texas

    Also known locally as "Stinkadena," many people in Pasadena blame the local polysilicon manufacturing plant.

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    Deer Park, Texas

    Locals blame all the chemical plants in the area for the foul stench. A quick Google search gives me eleven different chemical plants in the Deer Park area.

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    Texas City, Texas

    This is an oil refinery town, so you have that occasional smell, but the brings a lot of money into the city. Just something to deal with.

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    Post, Texas

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    Waco, Texas

    The town has a lingering sewage odor problem. Also back in 2012, in downtown Waco, dead crickets infested the walls of several businesses, forcing them to close for a period of time due to the smell.

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    Boyd, Texas

    This town made the cut because back in 2013 local farms started using a new natural fertilizer. Residents said they couldn't leave their homes due to the smell.

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    Luling, Texas

    It's Texas, so another oil city is making the list.

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    Odessa, Texas

    The oil towns keep popping up. However, Odessa is also home to an oilfield waste landfill. Which can cause some strange odors from time to time.