Weed Tampons, that's something you probably didn't expect to hear today.

Many people call cannabis a miracle drug. For women, that time of the month can be unbearable. These new tampons could be considered a miracle for women everywhere. Studies have shown marijuana can help in pain relief and now the ladies don't have to smoke when Aunt Flow comes to town.

Before you get your hopes up, ladies, these cannabis infused tampons are currently only sold in two states. Not shocking, it's California and Colorado. They are called Foria Relief and have three properties, other than your standard tampon. Organic cocoa butter, THC oil (that's what makes you feel stoned), and CBD Isolate (that's what makes the pain go away). Foria Relief is "intended to maximize the muscle relaxing and pain relieving properties of cannabis without inducing a psychotropic 'high,'" and comes highly recommended by an actual woman.

The company also makes a cannabis lube called Foria Pleasure for those 'special nights'. Maybe some day marijuana will be legal in Texas and you ladies can enjoy a pain-free period thanks to Foria Relief. Until then, bust out that Midol.