Vets did all they could, but the little guy didn't make it. 

Two weeks ago we first reported that some cats were found with their tails ripped off. We have been keeping in contact with the person who took one of the cats to the vet and she has been keeping us updated on how the little guy has been doing. Last Monday, things were looking good for Lucky.

Lucky was having some complications using the bathroom, but he was going through laser therapy for nerve damage. He was also eating and drinking pretty regularly. We thought things were looking good.

Sadly, Lucky passed away on Friday. They said Lucky was a fighter, but succumbed to his injuries. Lucky was buried at the Rainbow Bridge. Sarah Bayley who has been keeping us updated with Lucky says the remaining donations will go to the rest of Lucky's Vet Bill. Any money leftover will go to A Caring Heart Veterinary Hospital.

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