Even though he's a democrat, a far-left Marxist liberal democrat at that, it's still so painful to watch.  He is, after all, the President of the United States.

You just expect that the man could have a minimal grasp on what he's talking about.  But it's far too much to hope for.  I know this.  So why should I expect any more?  What's the point in hoping against hope that this (hopefully) one-term commander-in-chief will have a moment of clarity and be able to make intelligent remarks on a world stage?  The odds that I'll win the lottery are greater.

What happened?  No teleprompter?  Obviously not!  You can always tell when Sir Bam Bam is reading the magic screens and when he's flying by the seat of his Armani suit pants.  He just cannot shoot from the hip.  Reagan was a master at it.  Clinton was good at it.  Both Bush's could at least fake it.  Not Obama.  Nope.  Not happening.  The only thing worse is watching a Joe Biden speech.  Now that's enough to make you want to get slobbering drunk just to numb your mind.

Here's our Dear Leader, in Hawaii, which, at least at press time, was still a part of the United States.  Watch, and you'll understand.  Oh, and if you should feel the need to drink after this, at least have a designated driver on stand by.

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