Yes, this is a real product coming soon.

Keep Scrolling to Check Out the Real Crocs Cowboy Boots

Well today logging into the internet, I thought I discovered an Etsy page for a meth head who claimed they had the perfect design for Crocs. Sadly, this is a REAL thing that Crocs plans to market to the people. I will admit, Crocs are an elite a water park or if you're a small child. Yes, I judge adults that wear Crocs out in public, but hey you do you.

Croc Cowboy Boots

Mark your calendars for Croc Day, which I didn't even know was an actual holiday. As you can see, your Croc cowboy boots have everything you want in a Croc/Boot. By the way, I didn't know those little things you put into Croc holes are called Jibbitz. I tried to go onto the website to see how much these abominations cost, but sadly nothing is listed for Croctober (Once again a thing I did not know existed until today).

So the poll today, would you honestly buy these and wear them in real life. I could totally see someone buying these as a gag gift and wearing them once. Would you realistically wear these things out day to day? I don't see it happening, but maybe I'm in the minority on this one.

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Crocs says it's their most requested design so they finally did it. So get those credit cards ready folks...I guess these things will go fast.

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