Along with whether Oswald acted alone and what exactly Scientology has on John Travolta, parents figuring out a way to get their babies to sleep is the biggest mystery on the planet.

Generations of parents have tried everything and anything to make their little bundles of joy go into their crib and drift off for hopefully hours of solid sack time. Alas, babies have minds of their own and fight sleep with more rage than they will as teenagers when their parents give them an 11:00 curfew.

That's where this dad comes in. Somehow, he needed nothing more than a tissue to gently coax his 3-month-old to sleep. It was nice of him to share this with the world, but he could've made a fortune turning this into an infomercial and convinced parents to pay for his trick. What sleep-deprived parent wouldn't pony up some greenbacks to get his or her baby to get some shuteye?

Then again, parents are all in this together, so this guy probably feels a sense of responsibility to share his wisdom in the hopes it gets passed down for the benefit of others. He's quite a humanitarian.

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