If your kid is smart enough to make it to a robotics competition, he can probably easily find these tweets.

You always hear about these stereotypes with Texas fathers, 'Football, my son is gonna play football'. Sure, those people probably would want their kid to play football because that's what they did. You would hope if their kid did something they liked and were good at it. That same father would support it.

Looks like Jesse Kelly over in Houston just wants his kid to play football. We learned that this weekend while his son competed in a Lego robotics competition. I know some people think of Legos as baby toys, but actually building the mechanical ones is a lot of work.

That is what Jesse Kelly's son was doing this past weekend. Maybe you don't have to understand what your kid is doing for fun, but why mock YOUR OWN SON? Seriously, your kid is obviously smart enough to make it in something which could be a successful career later in life. Engineers make a ton of money. Sure, they don't appear on the top ten of SportsCenter doing that.

I can't believe his kid actually got a trophy and still was mad about being there this weekend. Some people are calling this guy a big troll, which is a possibility. Still, I don't understand the point of ridiculing your kids for Twitter fame. Enjoy your followers and retweets man. Hope it's worth it down the road when your kids are grown up.


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