Today is a very cool anniversary for the Dallas Cowboys. They changed football terminology forever.

December 28th, 1975 Roger Staubach Calls One of the NFL Signature Plays

Throughout the history of the NFL, certain plays will go down in the history of the game as being important. On this day, the Dallas Cowboys were playing in the NFC divisional game. Yeah, remember when the playoffs started in December? Well the Dallas Cowboys only had seconds left and were down by five. It was touchdown for the win or nothing. What Roger Staubach and Drew Pearson did next goes down as one of the most memorable plays ever.

The Hail Mary Was Born on This Day

On the fifty yard line, Roger Staubach drops back and drops a ridiculously long pass to Drew Pearson. He goes in between two defenders and goes in for the walkoff touchdown. I know what you're thinking, this had to have happened in NFL history before this moment. True, but the term Hail Mary that we still use today was invented in the post game.

No audio of the post game interview exists from the locker room, but Roger Staubach told reporters what happened during that final play. He said, "I just closed my eyes and said a Hail Mary." Ever since then, the term Hail Mary has been used to describe a last second play in a game where you chuck up the ball and just hope for the best.

Dallas Cowboys Would Make It to the Super Bowl That Year

The Dallas Cowboys would beat the Los Angeles Rams in the Conference Championship in the next round after the infamous Hail Mary pass. They would advance to their third ever Super Bowl appearance against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Sadly, the Hail Mary magic couldn't help the Dallas Cowboys get their second Super Bowl victory that year. The Dallas Cowboys would get their second Super Bowl in 1978 (1977 season) against the Denver Broncos.

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