I can't believe it, we actually got one of these in Wichita Falls for once!

If you're a big Dallas sports fan like myself, you go to games for time to time. You have probably seen them advertise for different things at restaurants from time to time. Go get the Dallas Cowboys (blank) at Whataburger, go get the Dallas Mavericks (blank) at 7/11, go get the Texas Rangers (blank) at Taco Bueno.

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Typically these items are reserved for the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area, which is honestly crap. I get that Texas is massive, but Wichita Falls should 100% be a part of these promotions. Once you start hitting the Austin area of Texas, that should be the cutoff for Dallas sports promotions. North Texas though, send all of that stuff our way. So I didn't get my hopes up when I saw that Golden Chick has a Dallas Stars combo.


Basically, its the three tender box combo, roll and a side come with it as well. What makes it a Dallas Stars combo is the big drink you get with it is actually a hard plastic Dallas Stars cup. The cup features Jamie Benn, Roope Hintz, Jason Robertson, and Joe Pavelski. I heard about these on Saturday and decided to see if we had them here.


I couldn't believe it, the Golden Chick on Southwest Parkway had them. I assume the locations on Jacksboro Highway, 5th Street, and Central Freeway have these as well. If you're a big Stars fan, I suggest you go pick one up. The cup is pretty cool and if you like Golden Chick (and who doesn't) you get some damn good tenders as well.

So please Dallas sports teams(and the restaurants), send more of these promotions to Wichita Falls. I am ready to buy them.

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