NaDonna Norris, owner of Davenport Grocery on the east side of Wichita Falls, passed away suddenly this past weekend just days shy of her 50th birthday.

Friends and patrons of Davenport Grocery lined the steps and railing of Davenport with flowers and messages in honor of NaDonna, who many called the cornerstone of the town.  Stephanie Phillips, Principal of Booker T. Washington, noted NaDonna's generosity, regularly donating to the school.  According to Principal Phillips, NaDonna would make monetary and food donations, including monthly birthday bags and 20% of proceeds from fundraisers.

Local residents held a meeting at the Martin Luther King Center on Monday night to address concerns that the store would be closing without NaDonna. Josie Rose has known the Davenport family and shopped at the store for over fifty years,

This is the rock. This is the rock. I couldn't describe it any better. When anybody leaves Wichita Falls and goes away for 15, 20, 30 years the first thing they do when they come back is come looking for Davenport.

A family member told KAUZ that they don't have any plans for the store as of yet, and they're taking it one day at a time.

A memorial service for NaDonna will take place Thursday, which would have been her 50th birthday, at 4pm in the auditorium of Booker T. Washington. Organizers have asked that those wishing to attend bring at least five balloons each so they can be released in her honor after the service.

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