I find it very difficult to believe that anyone, and I do mean anyone, would be all teary-eyed to learn of the death of a tyrant.  So Kim Jong Il is dead.  So what?  Another low-life, tyrannical, communist dictator who did his best to enslave and starve his nation to death is gone.  Hell has gained another worthless individual and the earth is a bit fresher.  Yes, I saw and heard the distraught news anchor sharing the tragic news of the Dear Leader’s death.  Boo-hoo.

So, how does this affect any of us here in America?  In Texas?  In Texoma?  From what I can see, it has two effects on us: first, oil prices jumped a bit.  Yes, the commodities market reacted to the death of a tyrant in a nation that does not produce one stinking drop of oil.  Makes all kinds of sense, doesn’t it?  Second, yet another tyrant is about to ascend the thrown in North Korea.  His son, Kim Jong Un, is the likely successor.  Not a great deal is known about the spawn of the spawn of Satan.  He is an enigma.  But on the very same day that the news of his dear old daddy’s demise spread across the globe, the communist North Korea reportedly test fired a missile. If they did, it's not a coincidence, I assure you.  They pose a threat.  The actual depth and reach of that threat is likely only known to a handful of people in our government.  “Need to know basis” stuff, you know?

Now, let’s be clear about one thing, the North Korean’s are working on nuclear weapons.  They’d be foolish not to.  And I don’t take them for fools.  They are far from it.  The leadership in this tiny, starving country is evil, cold and calculating.  We'd be foolish to assume otherwise.  We have to watch them closely.   We should all be sickened by the notion that they (that is, North Korea’s government, NOT its people) get aid and comfort from the communist Chinese.  Yes, we buy cell phones, computers and toasters from China and they send money to the North Koreans.  Tidy network, huh?  And just think, if we made our own computers and cell phones and toasters (and about a million other consumer goods) all of that nonsense could be avoided!

What it boils down to is this:  a tyrant who dined on lobster while his people ate tree bark to survive has died.  Good riddance.  But yet another, and perhaps even more vicious tyrant may take the thrown of power in this small, starving nation.  As evil as Kim Jong Il was, his son may be even worse.  He may just push the envelope a bit further with the United States.  What the future holds in North Korea is never clear.  They operate under a veil of secrecy the Chinese governments would love to (still) possess.   Technically, the Korean War never actually ended.  A cease-fire has been in place since 1953.  The 38th parallel is still there.  And so are we.

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