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A frightening statistic came out of the Pew Research Center last year. It is that "the United States has the world’s highest rate of children living in single-parent households," as referenced in an opinion piece by Adam B. Coleman for The Epoch Times. This clearly signals the demise of the traditional “nuclear” family, which in turn will have a major impact on the unraveling of our once-great civilization.

The traditional family unit, organized by God himself (Genesis 2:24; Matthew 19:3-9) is the keystone to a healthy civilization. John Mac Ghlionn observed in their opinion piece for The Epoch Times:

Nuclear families have formed the bedrock of modern society. As scholarly research has shown, a successful nuclear family provides children with the tools needed to thrive in life. Children with two consistent parents, available both physically and emotionally, are more likely to socialize successfully, earn good grades in school, … They tend to have better social, emotional, and physical health than children without married parents.

But this concept of nuclear family is fast eroding in the wake of hedonistic living and its results: illegitimate children. In fact, the concept of “illegitimacy” - a child born out of wedlock - is being replaced by “baby daddies” - as if we are all simply breeding on an animal farm. This kind of talk is common among young people today. No one has a “father” - just a baby-daddy.

Author Leslie Wolfe in 2001 was correct when she stated: “The concept of the illegitimate child will vanish because the concept of the patriarchal nuclear family will vanish.”

Mac Ghlionn added to her thought. “The idea of the illegitimate child is vanishing because the concept of the traditional family is disappearing - and with that an integral part of the American tradition.”

More important than “the American tradition,” however, is that freedom and liberty under God is also being eroded by the demise of the family unit. This is precisely why Karl Marx, who hated God, argued for the demise of the family unit. Marriage, he said, only served to strengthen the power held by men.

Even more infamously, his partner in crime, Friedrich Engels, in his book, "The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State," argued that to defeat “capitalism” the traditional family needed to be abolished. These communists knew at least this much, that to enslave America, the family would have to go.

Sadly, America seems to be headed toward a complete cultural collapse. As described by Ghlionn:

One-half a century ago, 42 percent of American families were nuclear; today, that figure has dropped to just 22 percent. At this rate, a few decades from now, one wonders of the nuclear family will even exist.

Will the American, God-organized family, and with it liberty, survive?

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