Been feeling a little under the weather since the tree went up? Your tree may be to blame. 

Wichita Falls resident John Lankford told his story to KAUZ about how his two boys became sick after putting up their Christmas tree around Thanksgiving. The Lankford family uses a plastic Christmas tree. Which is usually put away until the holiday season and in that time collects dust. The boys were taken to the doctor and both had severe sinus infections.

Local Wichita Falls doctor Terry Johnson said it's the dust and dust mites on the trees that can trigger allergies for some. He recommends before putting the tree up, take it outside and run the leaf blower over it. "It's very effective at blasting the dust off," Dr. Johnson said.

The Lankfords say they're leaving their options open for next Christmas. Maybe finding a more suitable packaging for the tree that is airtight and the dust can't get in. John says he really doesn't want to throw the tree away.

I personally have always grown up with a real tree in my house, not these plastic ones. I was always told people had the plastic one because of allergies. Well look at that everyone, the plastic ones give you allergies too. Real trees for the win!