Alright, Wichita Falls. I am all aboard this awesome idea. Hopefully the thing I am boarding is not that boat with the creepy tunnel.

Wichita Falls is getting into the Christmas spirit by having a theme for their downtown parade this year. They have decided to go with...Willy Wonka. Yeah, I don't think of Willy Wonka and Christmas going together, but the things they have planned all sound genius.

Willy Wonka Drinks All December Long

A bunch of downtown businesses will be having Willy Wonka inspired drinks the entire month.

    • 6th Street Winery (Chocolate Falls)
    • 8th Street Coffee House (Cheer Up, Charlie)
    • Broken Tap (Candy Dandy Quicker Liquor)
    • Highlander Public House (Violet, You're Turning Violet)
    • Iron Horse Pub (The Slugsworth Shot)
    • Karat Bar and Bistro (Pure Imagination)
    • O.G. Cellars at the Holt (The Mistletoe)
    • The Duck Coffee Co. (Wonka Bar Latte)
    • The Speakeasy Distillery (Golden Ticket)
    • Wichita Falls Brewing Company ( Scrumdiddlyumptious)


Watch Both Willy Wonka Movies Downtown for Free

To get into the Willy Wonka spirit, we have to watch the movies, right? This Thursday (December 1st) they will be showing the 1971 classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. On December 8th, they will be showing the 2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This will be happening at the Downtown Wichita Falls Farmer's Market at 713 Ohio Avenue.


City Lights Parade Will Be Wonka Themed

A Christmas tradition for many in Wichita Falls is the annual City Lights parade. The Wonka theme will continue for this as well. Floats will be inspired by the movie and as with any City Lights parade, candy will be handed out as well. If someone goes all out with Wonka candy, you're super cool in my book. The parade will be happening on December 17th and festivities downtown will be starting at 4. The parade will start at 7, but I would get there a little earlier than that to get a good spot.

^If someone finds a way to make this a parade float. You win best float in my book. It sounds like December is going to be a fun month in Wichita Falls and I can't wait to check it all out.

Top Ten Fantasy of Lights Display

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