It's going to be a fun weekend in Wichita Falls and if you love Christmas. Be sure you head downtown to check out the City Lights Parade.

Courtesy of Downtown Wichita Falls Development
Courtesy of Downtown Wichita Falls Development

You know Christmas is right around the corner when the annual City Lights Parade is happening in downtown Wichita Falls. The parade is scheduled for 7 PM, but you will want to get there earlier than that. Starting at 4 PM, Santa will be hanging out in Santa Land at the corner of 8th and Scott. Friendly reminder, Santa has to leave at 6:30 because he has to be in the parade.


There will be food and hot cocoa vendors and also some more food setup at the downtown Farmer's Market. I highly suggest you also check out the Fizzy Lifting Drinks throughout downtown Wichita Falls. The theme for this year's City Lights Parade is a Wonka Christmas. So several downtown businesses have their own Willy Wonka inspired drinks. I will let you know, it's not just alcohol. Some local coffee shops also have some non alcoholic options for you. Check those out here.


Besides the restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. I know many other downtown Wichita Falls businesses plan on staying open a little later on Saturday since so many more people will be hanging out in downtown Wichita Falls. I suggest taking a stroll Saturday night, you may discover something new you didn't know existed.

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Before Saturday's big parade, I wanted to check out some photos of City Lights in years past. You can check out some below courtesy of Downtown Wichita Falls Development.

City Lights Throughout the Years

Before the annual City Lights parade, we wanted to share some of our favorite photos from parades throughout the years. Check them out below.

Willy Wonka Drink Tour in Downtown Wichita Falls

Whether you want a drink with alcohol or a non-alcoholic option. You can take part in this epic drink tour all December long throughout downtown Wichita Falls.

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