This home already had something similar happen about a year ago.

Somewhat good news for some animals that were living in an Iowa Park home off of FM 368. The Wichita County Sherriff's Office served an animal seizure warrant. They were able to rescue 22 dogs, 1 cat, 1 lemur, 1 rooster, 2 guineas, 3 exotic birds and 2 doves from the property.

Officers report the house was covered in feces and the animals were living in unsafe conditions. This particular house has apparently been under an investigation for a year and a half. The home also had something similar happen last October as well when they took away 7 dogs, 8 horses, 2 llamas, and 3 ducks. KFDX is reporting that the homeowner has been taken to the North Texas State Hospital for a medical evaluation.

Their identity has not been released at this time. Between the two seizures over the past year, that is over fifty animals. We will see if this person is allowed to have any animals on their property ever again after this latest incident.

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