A Duncan teenager who claims to have been ‘venting on paper’ is facing a felony charge over a hit list. KSWO TV 7 in Lawton reports that a 15-year-old girl was taken into custody by police in Duncan after the list was discovered.

A fellow student at Duncan High School found the list last Wednesday and handed over to school officials who in turn gave it to police. The list included the names of more than 20 Duncan High School students and faculty. The girl reportedly told police that check marks by some of the names on the list meant she knew where they lived. Everyone on the list was notified by police. The teen told family members she meant no real harm.

The Duncan Banner reports that the student posted the list on social media. Duncan Public Schools Superintendent Melonie Hau released the following statement on the matter:

“Administrators at Duncan High School became aware of a list, written by a student, which contained names of students and staff. The exact reasons and motivation of the student in making the list was unclear to school administration, but did prompt administrators to turn the list over to the police. It is our understanding that the student was taken into police custody.”

Duncan Police questioned the teen and she is charged with a single felony account of ‘planning an act of violence’. She remains in police custody and her identity has not been released due to her age.

Sources: The Duncan Banner, KSWO TV