Can't let that emo phase die? "It's not a phase mom!" As some of you probably screamed internally just now. Good news, all your emo dreams are alive and well in Deep Ellum over in Dallas.

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Being in high school through the early to mid 2000's emo kids and music were everywhere. You couldn't escape it. Some of those emo bands are still shown a lot of love today and it looks like some of you still rock it all these years later. Well good news, check out Shot Topic in Dallas.

Not to be confused with the popular Hot Topic store that we shopped in the mall back in the day. A Tik Tok of the all new bar in Dallas is blowing up. The inside of the bar is plastered with tshirts like you would see in Hot Topic and all of the shots are named after songs from emo bands. Apparently the most popular is "The Taste of Ink" inspired by The Used song of the same name.

The TVs play all your favorite music videos from back in the day and the bathrooms are covered in band stickers from the era. A DJ will also be on hand most nights to spin some of your favorite songs from back in the day. So if you're looking for the bar that is just for you emo kids, here you go.


No more having to deal with hip hop or country western themed bars in Dallas. Shot Topic is here for you.

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