We’ve all seen the occasional knucklehead running onto the field at a baseball game. That's child's play compared to this.

A fan wandered onto the track during Sunday’s Singapore Grand Prix. The man, 27, was later arrested by police.

The spectator got onto the track during the 37th lap and walked along the side while the cars literally raced past him at some 175 miles per hour. The race was stopped for a brief period while the safety car was deployed.

Sebastian Vettel wound up winning the race and was the first driver to notice the man, yelling, "There is a fan on the track!" Vittel said, "I had to look again because I wasn’t sure whether I had a problem with my eyesight. I think I saw him taking a picture. I hope it was a good one at least, I hope it was in focus."

After taking his relaxing jaunt, the man climbed over a barrier to get off the track. It's not clear how much longer after that point police arrested him.

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