The Obama Administration, no doubt in a bid to bolster Democratic voter numbers 5 to 10 years down the road, has declared the flood gates open.  House Speaker and Grand Champion RINO John Boehner has vowed publicly that the House will pass “5 to 7 immigration bills this summer”.  Is that right, Mr. Speaker?  Boehner is living proof that the terms ‘conservative’ and ‘Republican’ are not synonymous.

I see five major reasons to fully secure our borders right now and stop to whatever degree possible the influx of even one more person illegally entering this country:

1.  We cannot possibly find employment for every one of them age 16 and up and this means the welfare rolls will swell exponentially.  Already in this country, over the past five years, we’ve seen unprecedented increases in people/families on food stamps (SNAP program) now approaching 50 million; 10 million + now on disability and a stunning 92 million Americans are NOT working at all.  Who in their right mind actually believes we can absorb tens of thousands of aliens without collapsing an already fragile economy?  Oh, and in case you didn’t know, Mr. Obama and company have been actively advertising Americas ‘freebies’ throughout Mexico and even Central America.  We have $17 trillion in 'official' debts, $100 trillion in unfunded obligations and the only reason your stock portfolio is worth  a warm bucket of spit is because of Fed pumping.  If you think adding thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of people to the already stressed welfare system won't hurt YOU, you're beyond stupid.

2.  Diseases we’ve long conquered in America will once again rear their ugly heads.  Typhoid, measles, small pox, malaria and even scabies are being carried back into America via the flood of unchecked illegals entering from Mexico and from Central America via Mexico.  In spite of our efforts to immunize our own population, epidemics can and will break out.  Thousands, if not millions, of American children have not been immunized because of religious beliefs or personal preferences of their parents.  These children are now at risk and an epidemic is inevitable if we fail to act now.

3.  Crime is an obvious side effect of allowing God-only-knows-who to waltz right through the back door.  If you arrived home one day to find a total stranger living in your house, eating your food, sleeping in your bed and rifling through your belongings, you’d call the cops and you’d expect them to run the squatters out muy rapidamente.  But yet we seem to have no issue (at least Washington does not) with allowing the free-flow of completely undocumented individuals, at least some of whom will have a criminal history.  Take for example the flow of members of the violent MS-13 gang.  Many of them are Central Americans and they have a penchant for being merciless, violent and deadly.   Deadly DWI accidents, rape, murder and various other crimes are attributed to illegals not even affiliated with gang activity.  America’s police have their hands full as it is and now, your so-called leaders in DC want to do everything they can to compound these issues, all in the name of elections.  And let’s not forget, terrorists have in fact used the southern border to gain entry into our country.  How many?  Thousands of suspect individuals have been caught.  And it’s certain many more have not.

4.  The desire to upend 238 years of American independence, history, culture and traditions is quite evident.  Desecrating our flag, demanding that lands in the American Southwest be returned to Mexico and the hate speech being hurled at Americans at protests show just how much some of the illegals truly don’t want to be American’s.  They have no interest in assimilating themselves to this nation in any way.  Is this true of all who have entered illegally?  Of course not.  There are many who have come here with all good intentions of becoming American and just having a better life.  This does not, however, change the fact that they did enter illegally.  They should not be given the slightest preference over those who come here legally and follow the processes in place to gain legal status and ultimately citizenship.  It’s not easy nor is it cheap to do, but there is a process and thousands have followed this process since Obama took office.  Yet he has clearly stated that a fast track to citizenship is what he has in mind for illegals.  It’s not just unfair, it’s criminal.

5.  No nation can survive without preserving its own unique identity, language and culture.  Yes, America is made up of millions of people who are either descended from immigrants or who immigrated here themselves.  I myself can boast of British, French, German and Cherokee ancestry.  I’m quite the mutt.  But I have never referred to myself as Euro-American or Native-American or any other hyphenated label; I am an American.  I’m not suggesting that anyone, natural born, naturalized, legal or illegal, should cast aside all of their heritage.  But if you wish to live in America you should fully assimilate yourself to the very unique culture that we’ve developed over these two plus centuries.  Learn to speak English.  It should be your first language.  Respect our flag, our nation’s symbol of strength and unity.  Respect the rule of law, the very foundations upon which our Republic is built.  In all ways and all manners of speech, commerce and social interaction, be American.  Share your heritage, be proud of those from whom you descended.  But if you truly want to live, work and prosper in our nation, please don’t ask me to cast aside my American heritage, culture and traditions to make way for anything else to take its place.  Never fly another nation’s flag above or alongside ours.  Even though some government agencies and private citizens may do so (and it’s their free speech right to do it, I suppose) I think it’s disrespectful.  It diminishes the power and symbolism of our flag.  Only the Texas state flag is permitted to fly at the same height as the U.S. flag.  Why?  Because Texas was an independent republic itself before graciously joining the Union.  All other state flags must fly lower.  Why then would anyone find it appropriate to fly the flag of any other nation alongside America’s?  Our borders, our culture, our language and our traditions must be preserved.  Allowing people to enter illegally and run roughshod over these things is wrong.  Any political leader who fails to acknowledge that is not only lacking in patriotism, but spine as well.

If we fail to address these key issues, illegal immigration will spell the end of America.

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