If you love thrifting and just so happen to live in the Lone Star State, I have good news for you.

While I admittedly don’t do it nearly enough as I would like to, I love thrifting. I am all for rummaging through secondhand items in search of treasure.

As the old saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

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Most of my thrifting is focused on vinyl records, compact discs, and sports cards. I’m an avid collector of all three, so I’m always looking to get a good deal on something to add to my collection.

And I have a friend who is among the thriftiest people you will ever meet. Seriously. The guy owns way more secondhand items than he does brand new.

For folks like he and I, the chase is sometimes better than the catch. I honestly can’t recall being disappointed while walking away from a resale shop empty-handed. The mere act of searching for hidden treasures is satisfying to me.

Speaking of resale shops, there is no shortage of them here in Texas. In fact, they’re so plentiful that a study conducted by Lawn Love ahead of National Thrift Shop Day on August 17th found that four Texas cities were among the Top 10 cities for thrifting in the United States.

Houston ranked particularly well in the study, landing at Number 3 on the list. H-Town scored very well in every key metric used in the study.

San Antonio came in at Number 4 on the list, Dallas was ranked the 6th best city for thrifting, and Austin landed at Number 10.

I'm thinking it's time for a thrifty road trip across this great state of ours. It’s guaranteed to not be lacking.

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