We have got a lot of great standup coming to Wichita Falls in 2022.

Love to see new events coming to Wichita Falls and if you like standup some big acts are on the way. This Friday Steve O will be in Wichita Falls and then in November Steve Trevino will also be performing in Wichita Falls. How about a comedian not named Steve though?

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One of favorite Wichita Falls acts will be coming back this October to a much bigger venue. It appears that Gabriel Iglesias will not be performing at Memorial Auditorium, but will actually be getting Kay Yeager Coliseum on October 9th. If you want to go, tickets will go on sale this Friday at wfmpec.com.

If you're worried about Gabriel not being able to handle the bigger venue. He actually set a record for a standup comedian at Dodgers Stadium last year. 55,000 were in attendance and is a record for a standup comedian in that venue. So get out there and support him if you want to go.


I would suggest maybe making this an early Christmas gift to the 'Fluffy' fans in your life. We have got a lot great shows coming to Wichita Falls in the coming months and I am not just talking about the standups I mentioned earlier.

MMA, Rodeo, and the Hotter'N Hell Hundred are all on the way. Get ready to check out some big stuff going on in the Falls over the next couple of months.


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