Since releasing his first single, "Unwound," in 1981, George Strait has become one of country music's most iconic artists. Over the course of his incredible career, he's racked up 60 No. 1 hits: more than any other performer in history.

On top of that feat, Strait has sold over 100 million records worldwide, has been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame and has won a Grammy and multiple CMA and ACM Awards. He's started his own tequila brand, acted in and created the soundtrack for the film Pure Countryand become an influence for multiple generations of new country artists.

While it's safe to say that none of Strait's 60 chart-toppers are anything less than great, there are some that have truly stood the test of time. And although this extensive list covers Strait's entire career, readers may notice that some of his most popular songs are not included. It may be hard to believe, but "Amarillo By Morning," "Adalida" and "The Fireman" all fell short of earning the top spot on the country charts.

Below, take a look back at Strait's 60 iconic songs that landed at No. 1 on the country charts. Each has made a permanent mark on country music that is sure to stand the test of time.

  • 60

    "River of Love" (2008)

    Released in 2008 and written by Billy Burnette, Shawn Camp and Dennis Morgan, the groovy "River of Love" is one of Strait's most recent No. 1 hits.

  • 59

    "I Hate Everything" (2004)

    This 2004 single finds Strait unloading his frustrations about what he's facing in life to a wise bartender, who helps him put it all in perspective.

  • 58

    "Love's Gonna Make It Alright" (2011)

    Four years before Chris Stapleton broke into the country music scene with his debut album Traveller, he had something else big to celebrate: This song, which he co-wrote with Al Anderson, hit No. 1 for Strait in 2011.

  • 57

    "I Saw God Today" (2008)

    The inspirational first single from Strait's 2008 record Troubadour became the highest-debuting song of his career when it landed at No. 19 on the Billboard charts.

  • 56

    "I Know She Still Loves Me" (1996)

    This heart-wrenching single from Strait's record-breaking box set Strait Out of the Box finds him wondering if his significant other is still in love or simply just going through the motions.

  • 55

    "What's Going on in Your World" (1989)

    In the second single from his 1989 record Beyond the Blue Neon, the narrator reaches out to a former love to see if there's any chance of rekindling their relationship.

  • 54

    "Am I Blue" (1987)

    Strait's final single from his 1987 record Ocean Front Property is a reflective Western swing track about missing a lover who walked away and didn't look back.

  • 53

    "I'd Like to Have That One Back" (1993)

    Released in 1993, "I'd Like To Have That One Back" was penned by Aaron Barker, Bill Shore and Rick West. The song follows a man wishing he could reunite with a former lover -- a theme frequently found in many of Strait's biggest hits.

  • 52

    "It Just Comes Natural" (2006)

    Sweet and laid-back, "It Just Comes Natural" is the title track of Strait's 24th studio album, which was nominated for Best Country Album at the 2008 Grammy Awards.

  • 51

    "The Chill of an Early Fall" (1991)

    Written by Daniel Green and Gretchen Peters, this 1991 hit is another classic story-song where he questions if his significant others' "good friend" has ever been something more.

  • 50

    "The Man in Love With You" (1993)

    This heartfelt track from 1993 finds Strait confessing his long-lasting and true love while admitting he's still capable of making mistakes along the way.

  • 49

    "Here for a Good Time" (2011)

    The perfect song for healing heartbreak at the honky0tonk, "Here For a Good Time" was actually written by Strait himself, his longtime collaborator Dean Dillon and Strait's son, Bubba.

  • 48

    "Lead On" (1995)

    This clever ballad from 1995 may seem like the story of two people finding each other at a bar, but is really about a couple giving their relationship a second chance.

  • 47

    "So Much Like My Dad" (1992)

    Although Strait released this song as a single in 1992, "So Much Like My Dad" was originally recorded by country legend Willie Nelson back in 1986. Strait's version evokes plenty of emotion and showcases his unique ability to make almost any song his own.

  • 46

    "Today My World Slipped Away" (1997)

    In 1997, Strait released his version of this Vern Gosdin classic, which was included on his Carrying Your Love With Me album. Soulful and heartfelt, Strait was able to put a modern touch on this timeless country song.

  • 45

    "If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin')" (1988)

    Originally recorded by Faron Young back in 1954, "If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin')" is twangy and fun ode to love and all that comes with it.

  • 44

    "Famous Last Words of a Fool" (1988)

    Yet another great song co-written by Dean Dillon and Rex Huston, this Strait classic is another honky-tonk tearjerker that has the singer missing the one that got away.

  • 43

    "Let's Fall to Pieces Together" (1984)

    Penned by legendary songwriters Johnny Russell, Dickey Lee and Tommy Rocco, "Let's Fall to Pieces Together" has Strait introducing listeners to two characters who run into each at the jukebox.

  • 42

    "Go On" (2000)

    This mid-tempo track from 2000 examines the dynamic between a woman who was cheated on by her former partner and her new romantic interest.

  • 41

    "Wrapped" (2007)

    Strait's take on "Wrapped," written and originally recorded by Bruce Robison, was released in 2007 and is a laid-back ode to a love that just won't let go of his heart.

  • 40

    "Ace in the Hole" (1989)

    This 1989 single features all the trademark elements of a hit Strait tune from the early '80s, from his easy vocals to the Western swing accompaniment. Fun fact: Strait's longtime touring band is also named the Ace in the Hole Band.

  • 39

    "Give It All We Got Tonight" (2013)

    The first single from Strait's 2013 record Love Is Everything features Strait turning up the romance for this sweet ballad. "Give It All We Got Tonight" became Strait's 60th career No. 1, which he attained in May of 2013 at the age of 60.

  • 38

    "Right or Wrong" (1984)

    Although Strait's version of this classic was based off of Bob Wills' classic Western swing tune, the song's origins actually date back to the 1920s. Before Wills revamped it and Strait cemented it as a country hit, it was written as a sweeping jazz ballad that gained popularity and was performed by many orchestras across the globe.

  • 37

    "Nobody in His Right Mind Would Have Left Her" (1986)

    This Dean Dillon cut from 1986 is another classic honky-tonk tearjerker, and it finds Strait grieving the loss of a love he let slip through his fingers.

  • 36

    "Round About Way" (1998)

    Strait's charisma and personality shine in the uptempo 1998 single "Round About Way," which cheekily brushes off the heartache that's haunting him as he tries to move on with his life.

  • 35

    "We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This" (1998)

    Written by Americana icon Jim Lauderdale, "We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This" is a fun, almost frantic romp about the kind of attraction that's nearly impossible to ignore.

  • 34

    "Living and Living Well" (2002)

    Strait's straightforward vocal performance can sometimes feel like a wise teacher bringing his wisdom to the masses. That delivery comes into play on this 2002 single, which advises listeners to share their journey through life with another special someone.

  • 33

    "True" (1998)

    This 1998 track is a great example of how Strait's earnest delivery can evoke deep emotion in even the simplest statements. The lyrical confession of love is sweet, honest and immediately believable.

  • 32

    "The Best Day" (2000)

    Released in 2000, "The Best Day" finds Strait taking on the role of an admiring dad who looks back on all the major milestones his son experienced through the years. It's a heartwarming look at how the relationship between parent and child evolves over the years while still staying the same at its core.

  • 31

    "The Big One" (1994)

    This joyful 1994 single shows off Strait's softer side as he gushes about a new love that he thinks might just be the one that lasts forever.

  • 30

    "A Fire I Can't Put Out" (1983)

    The second No. 1 hit of Strait's career, 1983's "A Fire I Can't Put Out" is another perfectly delivered nod to a love that's gone but far from forgotten.

  • 29

    "It Ain't Cool to Be Crazy About You" (1986)

    Never one to shy away from showing his feelings, this song from 1986 has Strait admitting that he let himself fall deeply in love while looking past the risk of it all falling apart.

  • 28

    "I've Come to Expect It From You" (1990)

    This tongue-in-cheek track from 1990, written by Buddy Cannon and Dean Dillon, tells the story of a man pushing back against a lover who treated him terribly.

  • 27

    "Run" (2001)

    This 2001 cut has Strait longing for a love that's just too far away from Dallas. By running through all the ways his lover could get to him, he shows just how intense his feelings really are.

  • 26

    "Give It Away" (2006)

    Penned by the immensely talented Bill Anderson, Jamey Johnson and Buddy Cannon, "Give It Away" vocalizes the frustration and desperation to move on that comes when a long-term relationship finally dissolves.

  • 25

    "If I Know Me" (1991)

    This 1991 single from Chill of An Early Fall is another cut that shows Strait's openness to voicing the emotions of each song's character. This time, Strait takes on the voice of a man who knows he'll end up making up with his significant other after a painful argument.

  • 24

    "One Night at a Time"(1997)

    This breezy, sexy tune from 1997 is all about giving into a passionate romance, even though you don't know just how long it will last.

  • 23

    "She Let Herself Go" (2005)

    This cleverly written track from 2005 tells the story of a woman who decides to invest in bettering herself and her life after a big breakup.

  • 22

    "She'll Leave You With a Smile" (2002)

    Another thoughtful look back at a love gone wrong, "She'll Leave You With a Smile" became Strait's 50th career No. 1 single in 2002.

  • 21

    "Easy Come, Easy Go" (1993)

    The cool factor on this 1993 track is truly off the charts. The song finds Strait saying "vaya con dios" to a love that just didn't work out, conjuring up an image of him tipping his cowboy hat before riding off into the sunset all alone.

  • 20

    "Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind" (1984)

    This title track of Strait's 1984 album tells the story of a man sipping some beers and wondering if he ever pops into the mind of his former love. The song was also recorded by Keith Whitley that same year, though the "When You Say Nothing at All" singer didn't find the same level of success with the track as Strait did.

  • 19

    "I Can Still Make Cheyenne" (1996)

    Few songs hit you right in the chest as much as "I Can Still Make Cheyenne." Strait effortlessly conveys the way his cowboy character has to reconcile with the fact that his lover is finally leaving him behind.

  • 18

    "You Look So Good in Love" (1983)

    The bittersweet feeling that comes with seeing an ex-lover thriving in a new relationship is perfectly vocalized in this 1983 single that was later recorded by fellow country artist Mickey Gilley.

  • 17

    "Fool Hearted Memory" (1982)

    Penned by Byron Hill and Blake Mevis, "Fool Hearted Memory" was included on the soundtrack of the 1982 film The Soldier, in which Strait also had a small cameo.

  • 16

    "You Can't Make a Heart Love Somebody" (1994)

    Released in 1994, this track perfectly describes the pain of realizing that true love simply can't be wished into existence.

  • 15

    "Baby's Gotten Good at Goodbye" (1989)

    This 1989 single from Beyond the Blue Neon finds Strait lamenting a crumbled relationship while looking back at all of the missteps that led him there.

  • 14

    "I Just Want to Dance With You" (1998)

    Written by the late, great John Prine, "I Just Want to Dance With You" was originally recorded by the singer-songwriter for his 1986 record German Afternoons. Strait put his own country-western shuffle spin on the song, releasing it as a single in 1998.

  • 13

    "Baby Blue" (1988)

    One of Strait's most dramatic, "countrypolitan"-leaning tracks is "Baby Blue," his 1988 single that compares the eyes of his lost love to the skies that float over the Colorado mountains.

  • 12

    "You Know Me Better Than That" (1991)

    Sometimes it can be easy to put your romantic partner up on a pedestal, but this Strait track from 1991 has him going over all of the flaws that he knows contributed to a past breakup.

  • 11

    "Carried Away" (1996)

    This heartfelt, sweeping track from 1996 is another one of Strait's best love songs, capturing the overwhelming feeling that comes with falling in love.

  • 10

    "Write This Down" (1999)

    This 1999 tune is another promise of commitment and long-lasting love, accompanied by punchy pedal steel and guitar. The song was a crossover hit for Strait, earning him a rare appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

  • 9

    "Blue Clear Sky" (1996)

    One of Strait's sweetest and most bubbly love songs is this 1996 hit, which takes its title from a twist on the common phrase "clear blue sky." The choice to switch the wording for the song's title was inspired by a line spoken by Tom Hanks' character in the hit 1994 film Forrest Gump.

  • 8

    "Heartland" (1993)

    This rocking single, written by Steve Dorff and John Bettis, became one of the most iconic cuts from the Pure Country soundtrack. The anthemic song is an energetic ode to country living and everything that comes with it.

  • 7

    "Love Without End, Amen" (1990)

    This heartwarming 1990 single tells the story of the relationship of a father and son, cleverly juxtaposed with the relationship of God and Jesus. "Love Without End, Amen" was the first single of Strait's to stay at No. 1 for more than one week, taking the top spot for a total of five weeks.

  • 6

    "Ocean Front Property" (1986)

    Another brilliant track from acclaimed songwriters Dean Dillon and Hank Cochran along with Royce Porter, "Ocean Front Property" showcases Strait's immeasurable charm that still lets some vulnerability seep through the sadder lyrics.

  • 5

    "I Cross My Heart" (1992)

    This heartwarming cut from Strait's 1992 Pure Country soundtrack became one of the most popular choices for wedding songs in the 1990s.

  • 4

    "The Chair" (1985)

    Written by Hank Cochran and Dean Dillon, this chorus-free story song was the first single from Strait’s fifth studio album, Something Special.

  • 3

    "Check Yes or No" (1995)

    This 1995 hit, which tells the story of a relationship's evolution from its childhood beginnings to an eventual marriage, is one of Strait's most widely beloved releases.

  • 2

    "Carrying Your Love With Me" (1997)

    Penned by Steve Bogard and Jeff Stevens, this 1997 hit checks all the boxes for a Strait hit: The perfect delivery, just the right amount of production and simple but instantly relatable lyrics made this track one of Strait's most recognizable and beloved songs.

  • 1

    "All My Ex's Live in Texas" (1987)

    Some of the best songs in history take on lives of their own. Much like Garth Brooks' "Friends in Low Places," Strait's "All My Ex's Live In Texas" has become an anthem at karaoke bars across the world.

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