Someone rang in the New Year with a trip to the emergency room.


Everyone makes the same joke every year on New Year's Eve that it is amateur hour. The people that don't go out during the rest of the year are always out causing problems. This is why so many companies offer free transportation on New Year's Eve to try and give people an option to get a safe ride home. Well one driver was VERY irresponsible on New Year's Eve and one guy's life is now changed forever.

Screenshot to Prove this is Dallas, Texas


That intersection is McKee Street and Botham Jean Boulevard. This intersection is only in Dallas, Texas. According to the person who posted the video, the man in the truck was getting jumped. So they peeled out and hit an innocent bystander. This amputated their leg and it is literally just sitting on the sidewalk. I am once again warning you the video is graphic and you may not want to watch.


Some folks have posted Go Fund Me pages in the comments, but I have no proof that any of these are verified. So be careful if you choose to donate to any of these because they may not be going to this man that had his leg brutally ripped off.

Comments from the Video

how tf is he so calm?? like bro yo leg on the sidewalk 😳


This is why I never go out on NYE. Too much dumb stuff goes down


😮 omg!!! There’s so much happening!! Did that happen from the truck?? Prayers he’s ok.

Hopefully we get a happy update to this story that this man is getting the proper care he deserves. As of right now, I am not seeing much on this story. I will update if anything comes up.

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