We've all seen the videos of a dog seeing it's owner for the first time after the owner was gone. It's always a whirlwind of emotions seeing some deployed soldier come home and the dog jumps and licks and is ecstatic. This situation is a little bit different, but the emotions are just the same.

Duke, the Great Dane, went missing from his owners home on Christmas Eve of 2013. We can only imagine how sad that must have made the holidays. Over 2 years later, Duke wondered into David Walker's yard. He took him to the vet and found out Duke was microchipped. He also found out that Duke's had somehow made it over 350 miles from his home!

Walker got in touch with the owner and filmed the moment when Duke was reunited. We don't have any clue what Duke was doing and where all Duke went during those 2 years, but you can tell that he missed his owner the whole time. Watch their reunion and get ready for some feels.

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