This is definitely one of those, the more you know things about our city I learned today.

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This is kind of stuff I love to discover about our city. Delving into a deep rabbit hole and I discovered some weird things today and it all has to do with this phrase. "As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls." I heard about this a few years ago when I did a story on Wichita Falls songs.

Sadly, I cannot find the full twenty minute version of the song on YouTube anymore. The song has the same title as the album name. Apparently, for decades Christian Dior has been using this "So Falls Wichita Falls" song in their advertisements for their Fahrenheit commercials.

Seriously, you do not want to know the rabbit hole I fell into to discover this today. I cannot believe since the 80's Christian Dior has been using a song with our city in the title to advertise their cologne/perfume. If you do a quick google search for Christian Dior Fahrenheit. Looks like you can still buy a bottle of the stuff if you're interested.

Dior describes the scent as this:

Alone in the face of the majestic elements, the Fahrenheit man incarnates a thirst for the absolute. Timeless and universal, Fahrenheit is a fragrance that transcends time and trends to forge its own territory. A unique,* contrasting olfactory signature with a powerful, lingering trail. The fragrance is structured around fresh notes of Sicilian Mandarin, a surprising blend of masculine Wood and Leather notes, and a unique* Violet accord.

I guess the official scent of Wichita Falls is Christian Dior, Fahrenheit.

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