I've seen this video all over and I had no idea he was from Wichita Falls.

As always when I am trying to find stuff to talk about I randomly search for Wichita Falls. The video above popped across my feed and I've seen this video everywhere the past few weeks. In my head I was thinking, what the hell does this have to do with Wichita Falls?

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Turns out this dude is from Wichita Falls! My bad Charles for not talking about you going viral the past few weeks. I have seen this thing on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and all along he has been sitting right here in our backyard.

Charles was apparently chilling at home and watching the sport that we all have several questions about every year, curling. It's one of the sports that we question why this is on, but we always can't look away. It is also the sport that I think your average person thinks they can medal in.

Oh yeah, I could hold that puck thing and glide it down there or I could sweep as fast as I could to get that thing to stop where I want. It's basically just a big game of shuffleboard that all of our drunk selves have done at a bar.

Someone with the Wichita Falls Warriors needs to get Charles to drop the puck at a game. I would actually like to see how he would do on the ice over at Kay Yeager Coliseum.

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